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Been Painting: Mister Topham’s Tuffalos

Tuffalo tuffalo Tuffalo tuffalo tuffalo tuffalo Tuffalo tuffalo

Tuffalo, HOOOOOO!

I have no real idea how I painted these. It involved layer after layer of Scorched Brown > Tallarn Flesh > Knarloc Green > Cobra Leather and then a good slather of Gryphonne Sepia over the top just to take the extreme baby-poo off the Tuffalos themselves; then blending in more Knarloc Green and Astronomican Grey to that last colour to highlight up the troll skin, with a spot of Badab Black over that.

Metals and leather and so on are quite lazy; basecoat/ink over stained gesso primer. I’m working to a template here, though, and after all that buggering around getting the skin tones to match, I wasn’t in the mood for further dallying.

HORTHOOOOLLLLL!  I don't know why I have to shout it either.

And a better photo to shut Curis up.

Been Painting: Mr. Wellsted’s Widowmakers

Sneaking this one in between proper updates:

painted and photographed by Von

The first part of the Khador army I’m painting for Si, our Star Wars GM and Pathfinder guru, who’s given me his spare monitor and promised a Lizardman Blood Bowl team in return. I live in hope that he will actually play some games with these at some point.

painted and photographed by Von

Been Painting: OId School Ork Warbike


Time spent sitting on Si’s mantelpiece: three years.

Time spent sitting on my table: two weeks.

Time spent actually painting: about six hours.

Vroom vroom, dakka dakka.  I’m off to play some Blood Bowl.


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